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“Councilwoman Liz Lawler will make a superb member of the California Assembly. As a local elected official, she has constantly reached pragmatic solutions to problems. She is truly bipartisan… a refreshing exception to the hyper-polarized environment of the California Legislature. She will be her own woman, basing decisions on evidence not political pressure.”

— Hon. Tom Campbell,
Five-term U.S. Congressman and Former California Finance Director

I am excited to endorse Liz Lawler for State Assembly District 28. Liz is the right person for the job. She is a true leader, who engages all perspectives and brings people together to collectively find solutions. Liz is an independent, detailed and organized thinker, who focuses on the long term impacts of policies, rather than the short term optics, something we desperately need in Sacramento today.”

— Dev Davis, Councilmember, San Jose

“We need strong leaders to propel change and accountability in government. Liz is passionate and focused. Her determination will serve California citizens and support those who need it the most. Vote for Liz for a new beginning in honest governance and vital change.”

— Robin Bezanson
RE/MAX – A local Realtor serving the Bay Area for over 20 years.

“Liz is dedicated to engaging all perspectives, listening to all sides and finding common ground. She brings people together and finds real solutions.”

— Don Gage
former Santa Clara County Supervisor and former Mayor of Gilroy

“Liz Lawler is a dedicated public servant who is hard working, engaged and articulate, and best of all Liz is responsive to her constituency.”

— Steve Leonardis
City Manager, Monte Sereno and Former Mayor, Los Gatos

“Liz Lawler will put victims first and work to reverse the lawlessness that has overtaken our state.”

— Nina Salarno Besselman
President, Crime Victims United of California

“Liz knows exceptional schools and quality education bring out the best in our children and open doors for life.”

— Kristen Lenders
retired teacher


  • The American Council
  • California Women’s Leadership Association (CWLA PAC)
  • Crime Victims United
  • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
  • Silicon Valley Republican Party
  • Santa Cruz Republican Party
  • California Congress of Republicans

Community Leaders

  • Al Shapiro, Financial Advisor/Mortgage Advisor
  • Stephen Sanders, retired Fire Chief Ben Lomond FPD
  • Denelle Fedor, Case Manager
  • Mark Turner, President/CEO, Gilroy Chamber of Commerce
  • Tim Dec, Candidate for State Assembly District 23
  • Robin Bezanson
    RE/MAX – A local Realtor serving the Bay Area for over 20 years.
  • Jim Helmer, former Director of Transportation, City of San Jose
  • Elizabeth Clifton-Doolin, Consultant
  • Michele Dexter, Community Leader
  • Adrian Holguin, Business Owner
  • Laura Bertoldi, Business Owner
  • Robert Bertoldi, Business Owner
  • Karen Nelson, Realtor, President South County Realtors Association
  • Cathy Smith, Business Owner
  • Laura Perry, Member, Gavilan College Board of Trustees

Elected Officials

  • Tom Campbell, former Congressman, State Assembly Member, and State Senator
  • Kevin Kiley, Assembly Member 
  • Dev Davis, Councilmember, San Jose
  • Donna Lind, Mayor of Scotts Valley
  • Mary Badame, Council Member, Town of Los Gatos
  • Don Gage, former Santa Clara County Supervisor and former Mayor of Gilroy
  • James Gallagher, Assembly Republican Leader
  • Randy Voepel, Assembly Member District 71
  • Laurie Davies, Assembly Member District 73
  • Devon Mathis, Assembly Member District 26
  • Steven Choi, Assembly Member District 68
  • Steve Leonardis, former Mayor of Los Gatos
  • Johnny Khamis, former Council Member San Jose
  • Peter Ohtaki, Former Mayor of Menlo Park
  • Rishi Kumar, Saratoga Council Member
  • Lon Allen, Former Mayor of Monte Sereno
  • Jack Lucas, Former Mayor of Monte Sereno
  • Bryan Mekechuk, Monte Sereno Councilmember
  • Gino Borgioli, Morgan Hill Council Member
  • Rowena Turner, Monte Sereno Council Member
  • Laurie Barke, Former Mayor of Morgan Hill
  • Hal Hendrickson, Former Morgan Hill School Board Member and Founder of M.H. Independence Day Inc.
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