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Stop the Violence

An estimated 76,000 convicted felons became eligible for early release from prison under Proposition 57 (2016). However, many voters are now regretting their decision. as shoplifting and other retail theft soars, and lives are being lost.

According to the Pacific Research Institute, 65% of Californians view violence and street crime in their local community as a problem – including a record-high 34% who say it is a big problem.”

Restore Accountability.

  • Revise the state’s excessively lenient early release policies, particularly where they pertain to violent offenders, to ensure dangerous felons serve the majority of their sentence.
  • Allow for the arrest, possible jail time and drug treatment court for those who shoplift less than $950.
  • Preserve cash bail, which is a proven safeguard for the “accused” to appear at their mandated court appearances.
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Liz Lawler on Good Morning Monterey
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