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Find Real Solutions for Homelessness

The state of California currently has the highest homeless population, with about 161,548. And many homeless people suffer from addiction as well as other co-occurring psychiatric disorders, which can further complicate their living situations.


  • Support the development of public-private partnerships to provide wrap-around services — addressing addiction, mental health, and public safety — and prioritizing assistance for veterans, families, disabled, and the elderly.
  • Don’t criminalize the unfortunate act of being homeless. For example, for homeless individuals or families currently living in their vehicle, cities with blanket overnight parking bans present a legal challenge when trying find a place to stay for the night. Yet, at the same time, even cities that have designated certain spots for homeless overnight parking fail to communicate the locations to those who need the information. So, establishing systems of communication and interagency collaboration that ensures homeless individuals know where and how to legally park overnight would go a long way toward helping the homeless, the community and law enforcement.
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Liz Lawler on Good Morning Monterey
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