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Our K-12 public education system is among the worst in the nation, ranking 44th. Our schools are failing our most vulnerable children. We have a bloated, bureaucratic system that consumes our tax dollars with very little accountability.

That’s why I support school choice. School choice already exists for those who can afford it, so why wouldn’t we want to provide that access to all students? Not only does school choice provide opportunity, but it also serves as a catalyst for meaningful school reform.

As your Assemblymember, I will pursue establishing Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) where public funds will be deposited for each student, each year. Families can opt in to these accounts and use the funds to pay for — or offset — the cost of private or other educational programs. Their child, their choice.

I will also pursue funding for universities to establish and run K-12 lab schools. And I’ll promote and expand the development of Charter Schools, which provide healthier, more family-based experiences, without the bureaucratic overhead of regular public schools.

I’m not saying we don’t need our public schools – we do! This is why it’s imperative that we strive for, and encourage excellence, through competition. School Choice and Charter Schools provide that incentive.

All children deserve a good education, regardless of their circumstances, and it is our job to provide them the opportunities they deserve. I hope you’ll join me.

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Liz Lawler on Good Morning Monterey
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