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Build Needed Homes

Did you know that affordable housing is more expensive to build than market-rate housing — because for it to be “affordable,” builders need state and federal funding that comes with expensive strings attached, driving consumer costs sky-high. In addition, well-intended environmental policies like CEQA slow building and limit site options. What’s more, both existing and new state laws severely restrict local control over land use and zoning decisions. As a result, only 58.8% of Californians own homes, one of the lowest rates in the country.

  • Ensure that policies passed at the state level allow each city or county the flexibility and space to plan for smart growth, not force compliance based on unrealistic, “one-size-fits-all” goals.
  • Pass laws that increase independence at the local level with regard the Surplus Lands Act, zoning and rezoning of idle retail sites, parking and setback requirements, consideration of “carrying capacity” (i.e., areas prone to wildfires, escape routes, and insufficient infrastructure to accommodate state mandated RHNA numbers), and other land use issues, allowing local communities more innovation and customization in meeting their unique housing needs.
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Liz Lawler on Good Morning Monterey
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